University All In One – Vancouver Christmas Light Installation

Who We Are


Founded in 2007 by two sets of brothers, University All in One Enterprises Inc has been providing residential and commercial care for projects big and small.


The partners, upon returning from a trip, started discussing their jobs to help pay for University.  After only a few minutes of discussion it became apparent that all four had run businesses that fit into the realm of home care services.  One partner ran a painting business, one partner ran a landscaping business, and two partners worked for municipalities running lawn care and landscaping crews.


It was at this point the partners realized that by combining their efforts they could provide a unique service and serve a specific niche market. From this idea the concept of University All In One was born.


Since that fine day, University All In One has been providing help to hundreds of clients who realize that their time is valuable and that the inconvenience of having to call around and get multiple quotes for the endless amount of tasks just isn’t worth it when once company does it all – University All In One.


Next time you’re looking at your property to-do list, give University All In One a call!


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University All In One – Vancouver Christmas Light Installation